What is RECOMED?
It is an initiative of Mediterranean towns to promote sustainable development in the olive sector and to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the olive tree.

Who are the members of the network and where is its headquarters?
The Network includes towns from the following countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Croatia. Its headquarters is in the country holding the presidency, which changes every 2 years.

What is the main objective of this networking?
The exchange of know-how and the application of good practices to strengthen the olive sector and the utilisation of the natural and cultural heritage of the olive tree.

How does this objective become a reality?
Through its activities, the Network promotes the implementation of best practices in the olive sector, encourages the growth of development initiatives between different communities, such as thematic tourism.

What exactly are the Network’s actions?
Forums, research and studies, exhibitions, tastings, seminars, etc. that encourage the dissemination of high quality olive oil production, promoting it as a product with distinctive characteristics and nutritional properties while enhancing tourism development and the competitiveness of local economies.

Who can become a member?
The national associations of olive towns or municipalities, regions, organisations (public and semi-public bodies or private ones) with an interest or subject matter related to olive cultivation and activity in olive-growing areas of the Mediterranean.