According to the Statutes and the Network’s management rules, the presidency passes from country to country. Since January 2023 the Presidency is held by Greece (Cultural Foundation ” Routes of the Olive Tree “, President George Karabatos).


PRESIDENCY: OTRoutes Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree”, GREECE
Vice-President: Associazione Nazionale ‘Città dell’Olio’, ITALY
Second Vice-President Country: Associacion Espanola de Municipios del Olivo – AEMO, SPAIN
General Secretariat: Agricultural Chamber of Didim, TURKEY
Treasurer, Financial Supervisor: ZRS / Municipality of Koper, SLOVENIA

Message from the President

Dear members of RECOMED,
With this letter, I would like to officially announce the awarding of the RECOMED Presidency to Greece and my election as President. It is a great honour for me and I thank all of you who nominated me, advocated and accepted my election.
Rest assured that I will make every effort to live up to your expectations and to give a new impetus to RECOMED, starting from upgrading and boosting its image, enhancing its extroversion and inclusiveness in its activities, strengthening the dialogue and contact between us in order to achieve our common goals.
It will be a difficult journey especially at this time when unresolved problems are affecting the international economy, such as the ongoing war in Ukraine, the tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, climate change.
That is why I need your support and cooperation, so that we can turn expectations into reality and put into practice what the famous historian F. Braudel said “In the Mediterranean, never alone, always in a team”.

George Karabatos
RECOMED President