The main objective of the Olive Growers Cooperative Limited (Koperattiva Produtturi taz-Zebbug Limited) is to show the uniqueness and quality of the olive oil from Malta and Gozo. To achieve this it is essential to transform how they communicate about the olive and its culture. They want to make known what is behind a product so good for health and providing so many possibilities for gastronomy.
Their mission is to link traditional knowledge —a legacy passed from generation to generation— to new technologies that allow the growth of the olive industry ensuring the care and quality of the olive oil of Malta, produced in the fields of their land and brought to the wider world.
It is of a great importance to value the work and effort of farmers and producers in Malta. They consider this essential in order to create the right conditions to value their work making the olive oil from Malta a product of excellence.
VISION STATEMENT: Their vision is to produce the leading global premium olive products offering worldwide consumers an unparalleled quality and a unique taste experience.

Olive Growers Cooperative Limited

Koperattiva Produtturi taz-Zebbug Limited (KPZ)
10, Bonsai, Triq San Martin, Zebbug, MALTA
Tel : 00356-79493556
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