Morocco – Agro-pôle Olivier Meknès

Initiated thanks to a partnership signed between the National School of Agriculture of Meknes, the agro-industrial profession of the Meknes-Tafilalet Region with the support of the Council of the Meknes-Tafilalet Region and national and international public and private organisations, the Agro-pole Olive Tree is a centre of competence and innovation for the transfer of technology, the development and promotion of the regional and national olive oil sector.

As the cradle of the olive tree in Morocco, the Agro-pole Olivier provides the olive sector with a scientific, technical and relational package for the promotion and sustainable development of this sector. Thus, the Agro-pole Olivier aims to be a privileged crossroads of information exchange and sharing of technical and technological progress, following the evolution of the olive sector, which is more and more oriented towards innovation and the improvement of product quality.

Agro-pôle Olivier Meknès: A New Vision of Partnership between Research-Development Organizations and the Agro-Industrial Profession

Agro-pôle Olivier Meknès
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