Greece – Routes of the Olive Tree

The «Routes of the Olive Tree» are itineraries of intercultural dialogue and sustainable development, framed with cultural events and various activities around the Mediterranean of the olive tree. Their objective is to contribute to the sustainable development of the regions of the olive tree through innovative proposals and actions.

The activities that frame the itineraries are implemented by the Network and the Cultural Foundation «Routes of the Olive Tree», a civil non-profit society established in Kalamata, Greece, which, since 2003, has been materializing alternative proposals around the theme of culture, tourism and sustainable development. In this regard, it brings together, develops and promotes the rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean of the Olive tree through time and space in an imaginative, respectful for the environment and efficient way.

These successful itineraries are framed from exhibitions, cultural and business meetings, social activities, conventions, contests, as well as research and publications around the cultural and natural landscapes of the Mediterranean of the Olive Tree, as history, symbolism, culture and the environment in the olive tree regions.

The cultural agenda of the Cultural Foundation is implemented with the cooperation of an international Scientific Committee and organizations, universities and bodies in over 15 countries.

International recognitions

In 2003 the Cultural Itineraries «Routes of the Olive Tree» was recognized as «International Cultural Route of Intercultural Dialogue & Sustainable Development» by the UNESCO (166 Ex.Co Sess.) and since 2005 is a recognized European Cultural Route by the Council of Europe.

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