Throughout the year numerous events are organised by RECOMED members in their own country in which the represented countries are actively involved.


WORLD OLIVE TREE DAY (26 November each year): Organisation of events in the areas participating in the “Routes of the Olive Tree” network in cooperation with local stakeholders.

  • Merenda nell’Oliveta : from April 22 to June 18, 2023 – meetings in olive groves in several Italian cities. Tasting of typical local products and olive oil. Organised by Città dell’Olio (Italy)
  • Primavera Monteleonese : 29-30 April 2023 in Monteleone di Orvieto – event dedicated to the discovery of the artist il Perugino and the local flavors. Olive oil tastings. Organised by Città dell’Olio (Italy)
  • First Forum Oleoturismo Mediterraneo
    The annual Assembly held in Kalamata was the occasion to launch the First Forum Oleoturismo Mediterraneo, the awaited meeting Euro-Mediterranean event on olive growing and oil tourism to be held in Italy (Matera, 23-24 of June 2023). Organised by Città dell’Olio (Italy)
  • New Oil Festival
    Renewed the festival edition for an entire weekend, 25, 26 and 27 November 2022 in Castiglione (Italy). While the old town will be embellished with olive trees and while the shop windows will be set up with the theme of the initiative, the restaurants will offer in their menus dishes of tradition and not only where the delicious product will be enhanced. In addition, the collaboration of the experts of the AICOO, the Italian Association To Know Olive Oil, who will present the history and culture through the oil tasting.
  • OLIO OLIVA, IMPERIA CAPITALE DELLA CULTURA DELL’OLIO E DELLA DIETA MEDITERRANEA Imperia (Italy): Every November, the “Routes of the Olive Tree” are actively involved in this great celebration of the Liguria region. Organised by the Imperia Chamber of Commerce and Promimperia.
    EVOOLEUM is an international competition for the quality of extra virgin olive oils that annually chooses the 100 best EVOOs in the world.
    Date : every year – AEMO
  • Curso online de cata de AOVEs (on-line EVOO tasting course)
    AEMO undertakes this on-line tasting course to show Spanish consumers the excellence of the best varieties of our country.
    Date : From April 2021.

  • Journées méditerranéennes de l’olivier à Meknès (Mediterranean Olive Days in Meknes) Conference days organised once a year on the different aspects concerning the production, valorisation and marketing of olive oil.
    Organised by Agro-pole Olivier (Morocco)
    Date : every year
  • Hlaj Days: Professional Symposium on Olive Growing.

“Hlaje Days” is an expert consultation for Slovenian olive growers, organised by the Institute of Olive Growing ZRS Koper in cooperation with the Association of Olive Growers’ Societies of Slovenia.

Date: every year

The festival was organized by the Institute of Olive Growing ZRS Koper, in the framework of the SOLJKE project. 11 producers participated in the festival with 23 samples of table olives and 19 quality awards were awarded.

Date: 26 November 2020

The municipality of Koper, in cooperation with ZRS Koper, organized the “Young olive oil” event to commemorate the World Olive Day and to spread the world about premium products and processing procedures.

Date: 24 November 2023

The event marks the beginning of the olive harvest. Symbolically, mayors from Slovenian Istria gather at the event to start picking olives. The event is attended by experts who assess the quality of the oil in the current year.

Date: every year

The Municipality of Koper organizes a competition for the best olive oil and wine every year. The winning oil and wine are declared the mayor’s oil and wine by a professional committee, which is then used for promotional purposes by the municipality throughout the year.

Date: every year

The Municipality of Izola organizes a competition for the best olive oil and wine every year. The winning oil and wine are declared the mayor’s oil and wine by a professional committee, which is then used for promotional purposes by the municipality throughout the year. The winner is announced at the Izola Olive, Wine and Fish Festival.

Date: every year

Traditional competition for the best olive oil, with a tradition of over 30 years. The event is credited with significant contributions to elevating the quality of Slovenian, especially Istrian, olive oil to the global top.

Date: every year

  • Olive Magazine: Magazine with current topics in the field of olive growing.


Conference on current topics in the health care of olive trees and other Mediterranean crops, organized by the Institute of agriculture and forestry Nova Gorica.

Date: 31 January 2023

Competition Olive Šempas, organized by the Goriško Olive Society, takes place as part of the Wine and Olive Oil Festival in Šempas. All olive growers who independently produce olive oil can participate in the competition. Each sample is evaluated both sensorially and chemically. During the award ceremony, the owner of the sample receives the results of the chemical analysis, sensory analysis, and a diploma for the olive oil. The best also receive the TOP 5, Vice Champion, and Champion titles.

Date: every year

Village festival in Padna, the Festival of Oil and Wild Asparagus, where locals present a selection of indigenous olive oil varieties, agricultural products grown on the Šavrinsko Hills, and traditional Istrian dishes. In addition to Istrian culinary delights, the event also offers opportunities for various activities and authentic Istrian entertainment in the evening hours.

Date: every year

As part of the event, sales booths are arranged in the city center of Izola, where local winemakers and olive oil producers exhibit their products. At the event, visitors can taste and purchase wines, oils, and olive oil products. In addition to winemakers and olive oil producers, the booths also feature providers of cheese, homemade desserts, chocolate, spreads, pasta, truffles, pickled vegetables and fruits, honey, handmade and artistic crafts. Visitors can indulge in a rich culinary offer of various seafood dishes such as brodet, sardines, seafood pasta, and other local delicacies.

Date: every year

At the event local wine makers, olive oil producer, beekeepers, and others showcase their products. The event is enriched with a cultural program and a tasting of local treats.

Date: every year

Višnjevik, known as the birthplace of Rebula and as a hospitable village surrounded by numerous olive groves, from which locals have been producing excellent olive oil for many years. The village community of Višnjevik and the Society of Refosco Enthusiasts traditionally organize the Rebula and Olive Oil Festival every year. An event that never fails to enchant with its warmth and authenticity each year.

Date: every year

This event is a traditional village feast in Sv. Peter with homemade cuisine, specialties and the tradition of the village. Demonstration of oil pressing in the way it was done in the past took place there.

Date: 1-2 July 2023

Tour of the olive groves, olive oil tasting, and sampling other Istrian delicacies.

Date: Daily