Sultana, the new variety that will revolutionize the super-intensive

Is called Sultana and it is the new olive variety which, according to the University of Cordoba “it will revolutionize high-density planting”. Fruit of the research developed with the Balam Agricultures, this new variety is considered a watershed in the production of high density olive groves.

As reported by the Spanish magazine Marcaceous, Pedro Gàlvez of Balam Agricolture highlights that “we are facing a variety with a profitability that far exceeds those that have been marketed to date”. His company will be the only supplier for Europe capable of marketing and multiplying the variety of olive groves Sultana in the next 30 years.

This new variety has such an interesting series of agronomic characteristics that “they led the University to present it and put it on the market due to the revolution it represents” he underlined Pedro Valverde, researcher at the Spanish university. Valverde explained that “Sultana it is the genotypic result of crossing the variety Arbosana as female parent and Sikitita as male parent. It is worth mentioning that the latter is the result of another cross between the varieties Picual e Arbequina. This means that Sultana has the best of each variety”.

In highlighting that this variety “represents a great achievement as a reward for the work of many years” the researcher added: “Sultana is characterized by both a maturity which gives one early production; it has a good yield in oil; due to its size and vigor it adapts perfectly to high density productions; its fruit is larger than the rest of the varieties for this type of planting. Furthermore, the oil is of the highest quality”. In addition to the characteristics mentioned, it was underlined that “since it is a very early variety, it will allow the farmer to place a high quality oil on the market first surpassing the rest of the plantations with other varieties”.


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