The IOC announces this year’s best EVOOs!

The IOC has published the list of winners and finalists of the 24th edition of the Mario Solinas Quality Award for extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) from the northern hemisphere. This year, the world’s most prestigious non-for-profit EVOO competition, received 113 samples from 10 countries. The winning and finalist oils were judged by an International Jury composed of several heads of IOC-recognized tasting panels.

The results of this year’s Mario Solinas Quality Award for northern hemisphere EVOOs are available on the IOC’s website in English, French and Spanish.

You can read the English press release at the following link:

The Mario Solinas Quality Award, which has been running since the 2000/2001 crop year, is aimed at improving the production quality of EVOOs all around the world. The competition encourages individual producers, producer associations and packers in producing countries to market EVOOs that display harmonious organoleptic characteristics. It also seeks to enhance consumer awareness regarding this unique product, encouraging them to recognize and appreciate the sensory attributes of these high-quality olive oils.

The awards ceremony will be celebrated in the framework of the upcoming 119th session of the IOC’s Council of Members in June 2024 (date and venue TBD).

The IOC wishes to take this opportunity to thank all producers, producer associations and packers who participated in the 24th edition of the IOC Mario Solinas Quality Award.


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